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Clothing Connections
A basement boutique at Illuminate Church

The purpose of this ministry is to provide free clothing for men, women, children, and babies. Because of the generous donations from our community, we are able to provide free private or public "shopping" opportunities.

This is a resource that we hope everyone in the community would appreciate; whether it is updating a work wardrobe, "sweater swapping," or finding items during a crisis.

Because we are a volunteer-run organization, we don't have set hours but will do our best to communicate when the shop is open.

To shop or donate, please follow our Facebook page
for up-to-date information. 

Otherwise, please feel free to call 307.461.5344
or email to set up a private time to check it out.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to meet tangible needs as a resource for free clothing to all individuals and families in our community.  We want everyone who comes to Clothing Connections to take what they need, pay it forward when they can, and to be blessed.

Meet the Team

While these are only a few of the faces of the people who have been a part of this ministry, this is the team of leaders who have partnered together to make this shared dream a reality.  If you have any questions or want to get involved, please let us know by emailing us at


Angela Brugger

Vision Caster


Nicole Martinec



Taylor Green



Greg Green

Grunt Man, Go-To

A little history
This ministry has been several years in the making, but has become a partnership of several people's passions to offer free clothing to anyone in our community and surrounding areas.

When Illuminate Church started meeting at our Main Street location, we were excited to have a space to offer our ideas of the "Ready, Set" events.  Ready, Set, Pro was launched in 2018 to offer free clothing for women.  Ready, Set, School also started in 2018 to provide free clothing and supplies for students of all ages.  And finally, Ready, Set, Prom started in 2020 as special fitting sessions for young ladies looking for a new-to-them Prom dress.

The basement became a collection site after these events, but wasn't organized or efficient.  We wanted to continue to offer free clothing to our community and started with "shopping sessions" for our schools' Parent Liaisons who knew of families in need of clothing.  But in order for these families or individuals to find what they needed, we needed to get more organized. 

This is where we started to sort, organize, and hang all of the clothes that we had collected (and continue to collect).  We recruited others' help through the years to restructure and construct a more efficient flow in the basement for even more productivity.  It has certainly been a partnership of friends, church fellowships, and other organizations that have seen what this ministry could be - and it was the collective passion that brought Clothing Connections to fruition.

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