Our Beliefs


Continually show people the love and light of Christ


We strive to reach this mission with loving God and others,
building up each other to support our community
with guidance and wisdom from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
We follow the beliefs of Harvest Church, as listed here
as well as these Articles of Faith from the
Western Conference of the Evangelical Church, listed here.

Our Worship

We host contemporary collective worship every Sunday morning as a lively and joyful celebration of God's love for us.  Click here for a list some of the worship songs we sing!
We also celebrate throughout the week with each other during Small Groups and serving opportunities.
Click here for a list of Small Groups, serving opportunities, and upcoming events.
Finally, we worship with our Tithes and Offerings, recognizing that everything belongs to God and that He deserves our first fruits in all areas of our life.  A minimal of 10% of everything collected goes directly to helping our community.
We are happy to provide you with more information about God's blessing in this giving and ways you can be generous to others.  Please click here if you would like to give, or here if you would like to speak to our pastor about this.

Our Kids

We LOVE our kids!  These "little lights" are a primary focus at Illuminate, as we know this is the new generation of Kingdom Warriors.  Each week, we work on a Bible verse and a corresponding story, with activities to help them memorize and understand the verse and discussion.
Click here for more information about our kids program.

Our Message

We do a combination of live sermons - with our Pastor Greg - and online sermons with our friends from Harvest Church (out of Billings, Montana), and we share all of these sermons online.
Click here for a list of previous sermons on our Facebook and YouTube pages.
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