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What We Believe


Share the Light and Love of Jesus


Love God and love others - and in a year (Lord willing), we will try to do it better.
We will be devoted to scripture, fellowship, and prayer.
Our faith is founded on biblical principles, based on what we have learned and what the Bible continues to teach us.  Here is a brief list of our beliefs; please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information.

A Little History

Illuminate Church started as a group of people with a love for Jesus gathering in a living room to worship and learn together.  The "church" family grew past that point, and we were looking for a new home, when God opened a door for us to meet at Luminous Brewhouse, where they graciously shared their space with us for almost two years.  During that time, we were invited to be a Network Site with Harvest Church out of Billings, where we shared Pastor Vern's messages along with our live worship.  We then officially became a church under the Western Conference, where we continue to receive council, prayer, and advice.  And while we are our own financial entity, they have generously blessed us with many startup costs during our church planting adventures.

Our Messages

During the 2020 Covid pandemic and quarantine period, Pastor Greg felt called to speak and stepped outside his comfort zone to provide live messages every week.  While we were grateful for everyone at Harvest and the messages they provided, it is continually exciting to see how God uses us in our humbleness and obedience, and this has been a huge step in a good direction.

Find a list of previous sermons on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Our People

We have a pretty awesome church family, and we love that it continues to grow!  We are all broken and messed up, knowing that we are fully and humbly (and gratefully) reliant on God's love, grace, and mercy.  Click here to meet some of our people!

Our Worship

We host contemporary collective worship every Sunday morning as a lively and joyful celebration of God's love for us. 
Click here
for a list some of the worship songs we sing!
We also celebrate throughout the week with each other during Small Groups and serving opportunities.  Click here for a list of Small Groups, serving opportunities,
and upcoming events.

Finally, we worship with our Tithes and Offerings, recognizing that everything belongs to God and that He deserves our first fruits in all areas of our life.  A minimum of 10% of everything collected goes directly to helping our community.

We are happy to provide you with more information about God's blessing in this giving and ways you can be generous to others.  Please click below if you would like to give, or here if you would like to speak to our pastor about this.

Our Clothing Connections Ministry

Clothing Connections is the newest "addition" to our church. What started as an overflow of clothing giveaway events has now become a giving space to our community.  Click here to learn more about this ministry!
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